Delta Plus Variant – How Dangerous Is The Covid-19 Third Wave?

Delta Plus Variant – How Dangerous Is The Covid-19 Third Wave?

As we all know very well how fast the Coronavirus spread all over the world. We have somehow saved ourselves from this virus till now. The first and second wave of Coronavirus made a lot of noise. But now its third wave is being discussed very loudly. It is believed that the third wave of corona, which scientists have named Delta Plus Variant, is quite dangerous.

Let us know below that how the third wave of corona ie Delta Plus Variant was formed, what is it and how dangerous it can be for us.

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What Is Delta Plus Variant?

If you must have read or heard about mutation. Mutation is a process that is found in 100% of every species. Whether it is human race, animal, tree-plant or any virus. That is, you understand that mutation is a type of reproduction process.

If I give you a simple example, when you give birth to a child, your DNA is transferred. And when there is a DNA transfer, there are about 100-200 mutations from one generation to another.

Now there is a doubt that some mutations are not harmless but most of the mutations are harmless. Due to which it is not easily visible to us, such as Corona.

Some mutations are such that they make the virus very transmissible. And this is the reason why the virus spreads very easily.

WHO (World Health Organization) which keeps track of dangerous mutations of corona virus. And these dangerous mutations were divided by WHO into two categories.

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Category – Variant of Interest

In this category, the variant of coronavirus that has been detected in many countries. And whose transmissibility is higher than that of the original. This means that this virus spreads and affects faster than the original.

Category – Variant of Concern

Viruses coming in this category whose transmissibility is very high. Which spreads very easily and fast and not only this, their disease is also very server. And the effect of the vaccine is very less on this virus.

If you see today, WHO has placed 4 variants of pulses in the Variant of Concern category.

  1. ALPHA
  2. BETA
  3. GAMMA
  4. DELTA


The ALPHA variant was first detected in Kent, UK, the BETA variant first found in South Africa, the GAMMA variant first in Brazil and then the DELTA variant which was first detected in India.

The reason for the second wave of Coronavirus was the Delta variant. Which first created panic in India and people were upset. According to WHO, today the delta variant has spread to more than 100 countries. Whose transmissibility is very high.

A newspaper from UK has been told that the number of hospitalizations in Delta Vikrant doubles. Let me tell you that the symptoms of the Delta variant are different from the original Kovid-19. Its main symptoms are Rami Nose, Sore Throat and Headache.

Let me tell you that because of the delta variant, you cannot detect anything by smelling it properly, whether it is a food item or any aromatic substance. Or you do not even know the correct test of the food.

The good thing is that all the vaccines that have been tested for the delta variant so far have been effective. Pfizer, Covishield and Strazenica have been around 92%, 94% or 96% effective.

But we should take a sigh of relief considering that the WHO has not yet declared the Delta Plus variant as a variant of concern.

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