Kathy Giusti: Shares Her Experience In The Wake Of The COVID-19 And Cancer Pandemic!

Kathy Giusti: Shares Her Experience In The Wake Of The COVID-19 And Cancer Pandemic!

Coronavirus as you know has created a ruckus all over the world. Just as we have defeated the first and second phase of Coronavirus, in the same way it is very important for us to be ready for the third phase, and just as we have defeated Corona, in the same way we all have to beat cancer together.

Keeping this in view, Kathy Giusti says that the way we all together have achieved victory against Coronavirus with a resolve, in the same way we have to fight against Cancer too.

He believes that the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us a lot, he expressed a belief in the people saying that the way our government encourages us by giving a fair wealth of scientific discovery, medical treatment, application and commercialization which is a There could be a huge risk to our private sector.

According to Kathy Giusti, the way the government promoted our support distribution very fast, according to us, if we all together support the government and work according to a rule, then in less than 100 days we will get about 220 Can make more than a million ticks a success.

What they mean to say is that we can solve a big problem like cancer on a global scale, for which we need to fight through treatment and unity in the same way as we have done against Kovid-19.

We don’t need to know any reason why we should or shouldn’t. Just as covid-19 has proved to be a major epidemic, cancer is also a pandemic, even if it is not so aggressive. According to the data of Kathy Giusti, about 1 million had to face death last year and it can even repeat the same figure.


You will be happy to know that in the last 2 years or so, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved more than 30 drugs. If you are suffering from cancer then you will be happy that a new era has started in our precision medicine.

Even our government encouraged companies that have technology available to develop cancer vaccines.

But our slow pace can become a problem in our fight against cancer. To the annoyance of a successful therapy, we think that this speed is too low.

We will never forget the time we experienced, when a friend of mine participated in the first clinical trial for CAR T-cell therapy (CAR-T) for multiple myeloma, he said. Then I realized that his weight was only about 90 pounds and I realized that now he cannot travel more life than this. But there time took a strange turn and he survived. And then he reported to the media that CAR-T had saved me.

But this was only a trial and from that time it would take almost 5 years for multiple myeloma CAR-T therapy to be approved.

A CAR-T treatment is expected to cost about $500,000. Which is not possible for everyone. Although some people can do this. To eliminate cancer, there is a need for an accurate treatment and proper speed and political will also needs to be involved as much as possible.

About 50 states in the United States have been reported to have confirmed cases of COVID-19. Where more than 33,679,489 diseases and at least 605,019 deaths are expected.

10 States With Highest Number Of Covid-19 Cases!

  • Cl: 3,818,326 cases
  • Tx: 3,001,682 cases
  • Fl: 2,365,464 cases
  • Ny: 2,115,377 cases
  • Ill: 1,392,196 cases
  • Pl: 1,216,965 cases
  • Ge: 1,135,093 cases
  • Ohio: 1,111,903 cases
  • Nj: 1,023,613 cases
  • Nc: 1,013,985 cases

Although the pandemic of Covid-19 has wreaked such havoc that how many people have lost their families, people have lost their relatives, this shows how painful it is. That is why as per the guidance given by CMS, all those who are operators and administrators of nursing homes are required to get tested and tested for Covid-19.

Kathy Giusti: Who is a cancer survivor and disrupts the health service of the human race. She is also the founder of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) and co-chair of the Harvard Business School Craft Precision Medicine Accelerator.

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