The Havoc Of Coronavirus Once Again In China. Closed Shanghai City!

The Havoc Of Coronavirus Once Again In China. Closed Shanghai City!

Coronavirus Updates March 2022

China Health – On the one hand, where there is a war between Russia and Ukraine, in the meantime, China, the father of Corona, is once again badly caught in the epidemic of Corona. Xi Jinping has once again decided to impose a lockdown in China. Chinese President Xi Jinping has decided to impose a lockdown in about 70% of his country.

In this lockdown, Shanghai city will be divided into 2 parts for the next 9 days. Then testing of people will be done on a large scale with great seriousness. A lockdown has been imposed in Shanghai’s Kudoun and its surrounding area from Monday to Friday.

After Friday, President Xi Jinping will implement the second phase of the lockdown. Under which it was told that the lockdown would start in the lower area of ​​the Huanco River from Friday.

It is true that this lockdown will have a profound effect on the economic condition of China. It is a strict instruction to the people that they should not come out of the house. A close watch will be kept on the checkpoint regarding the test of Coronavirus so that personal contact is stopped.

The biggest concern is that a large number of people are being charged for Covid. According to Chinese officials, offices have been closed as well as public transport has been stopped.

This month, more than 55000 corona cases have been reported in China. China has taken this problem very seriously, due to which religious visits have also been banned.


China’s Shanghai city.

The lock-down was already in force in China’s Shanghai city. China is now badly trapped in its own trap. The originator of Corona is China itself which has troubled the whole world. India is the only country in the grip of Corona which has been successful in controlling this epidemic.

In India, about 120 crore people have been given corona vaccine and almost the second phase of corona vaccine has achieved the target of 100 crore. This is a big achievement for countries like India.

While Ukraine is currently on the verge of collapse due to a sharp attack by Roush, China is once again caught in the clutches of Covid.

Shanghai is the largest city in China where the spread of coronavirus is high. This two-stage lockdown will be determined from the central city of Wuhan in China. The Chinese government has decided that the areas around Shanghai’s Pudong have been closed from Monday to Friday. The biggest reason for this is that the process of corona testing is going on on a large scale in these places.

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